Remember to Smile, Part 2

She sat across from her friend at the table, in the latest restaurant she had found on Melrose. BBQ and blues. Mmm what a great combination, she thought. Her friend got up and went to the restroom. As she sat alone, she couldn’t help but think about it, which only got her in a worse mood. She looked out the window towards the always-car-crowded streets of LA. Suddenly, one of the pedestrians stopped on his tracks and stood in front of her, eye-to-eye level. An old man. He looked at her, and motioned a smile with his hands. She was confused, and he could read her confused expression. “Smile,” he mouthed. Without skipping a beat she smiled and he, clearly satisfied, went on with his life. What a wise, old man. She felt tears rising up, but she was refusing to let those suckers out. Turn a frown upside down, ha, she thought. Her friend came back and found her with a grin from ear to ear. “What did I miss?” asked the friend. “It’s all going to be fine,” she responded, “it’s all going to be just fine.”

crafty wander l u s t

If there was one thing I could choose to possibly do for the rest of my life,

it would hands down be traveling.

Sure, I love going to a beach-y place where I just lay out toasting under the sun for endless hours… who wouldn’t?

However, traveling to me is much more than that. Getting a close up look into a new culture, meeting people who speak a completely different language, and seeing the wonders of the world is what I crave. And as I once said before, I try to feed my craving whenever I miraculously can. Now, what you’re reading isn’t about traveling per se, but it is about a little something that I purchased this summer thanks to my wanderlust.

megaMFlash world tattoo

We’ve all seen the outline of the world tattoo-ed or painted on a wall somewhere, and while I will someday have both of those, for now I’ve settled for a DIY 3D cardboard globe. On a recent trip to Paris, I walked into Delfonics in the Carrousel du Louvre and this little globe caught my eye. By the way, Delfonics is a stationary store, that believes stationary “frees your creativity.” Cool store, check it out. Anyway, I carried my new globe unopened in my luggage the whole summer, and finally opened it and constructed it this weekend! Once constructed, I proceeded to coloring in the countries that I’ve been to. It is honestly very simple to put together, so if any of y’all like it and want one like it, check out the actual company who makes this awesome globe –> geografia 

Happy end of the week globe-trotters!

xx, D

New York Fashion Week S/S 2014

It is the beginning of September, and in NYC that can only indicate one thing —

Fashion Week!

All my life I have dreamt of being in New York for at least one of its bi-annual Fashion Weeks, and while I am not exactly in there, it does feel nice to be semi-close to it.

Here are my favorite looks (in no particular order) from Fashion Week S/S 2014 so far:


Rebecca Minkoff

Rag & Bone


many more coming soon!

happy fashion week ya’ll – xx, D